Bring Latitude 51 to your business!


Speeches in Company

What is it?

The practice of outdoor sports requires training discipline, focus, preparation, planning, making quick decisions through unforeseen events, teamwork, understanding the other and knowing how to deal with different profiles, analyzing what went well, and the opportunities to improve the next one, and many other skills!


And these are also necessary skills in any company or group activity, which has the pursuit of a goal.


Through analogies, we give motivating lectures to your team with references to the world of mountaineering, bringing the own experiences of those who came from the corporate world and today works at Latitude 51, and also of your company, since we will seek the details of your routine to bring our content as close as possible to yours!

For whom?

Teams in companies, regardless of function or position, group of friends, teams that have some common goal and want to seek motivation in something different and that inspires them

Speech types

Indoor: we speech at your company

Outdoor: we add to the speech a real adventure in a remote environment so that the team can experience all the content really learned!