Torres del Paine “W”


Listed among the 10 most spectacular trekkings in the world, there are 6 days walking through 65km of unforgettable landscapes, with all the comfort of the refuges in the best structured national park in South America.

Walking through the French Valley, glimpsing the peaks of the British viewpoint, getting very close to Glacier Gray, arriving at the base of the most beautiful Granite Towers in the world at sunrise, are experiences that will mark you forever.



physical: moderate-difficult

technique: moderate-difficult


Hotel on arrival and departure from Puerto Natales and accommodation in the park’s refugees


Day 1: departure to Punta Arenas

Day 2: arrival in Punta Arenas until 8 am and transfer to Puerto Natales

Day 3: transfer to Torres del Paine National Park and navigation to Gray Glacier

Day 4: visit to the Gray Glacier

Day 5: trekking to French Refuge, 18km (8h)

Day 6: trekking to Mirador Britânico and Refúgio Los Cuernos, 16km (10h)

Day 7: trekking to Refúgio Chileno, 14km (6h)

Day 8: trekking to Torres del Paine, 18km (10am) and transfer to Puerto Natales

Day 9: transfer to Punta Arenas and return to Brazil

Day 10: arrival in Brazil


Patagonia has one of the most severe and unstable climates on the planet, the sequence of trekking and refugees/campsites or other activities described above, may change due to sudden climatic changes or impose by CONAF.

What is included?

• 24h guide with deep experience in outdoor adventures in remote areas

• Internal transport

• Park entrances, licenses, and navigation

• Hotel on arrival and departure from Puerto Natales and accommodation in the refuge of the park

• Hotel with breakfast and meals in the park

• 2 Latitude 51 dry-fit shirts

• Adventure and safety equipment

• GPS tracker with the daily transmission of the group’s geographical position to a family member indicated by the client

What is not included?

• Flights

• Adventure insurance (mandatory)

• Drinks

• Meals outside the park

• Individual equipment

Individual equipments

• Documents (passport, credit card, travel insurance policy)

• 60-liter attack backpack for trekking

• Windbreaker / Anorak

• Waterproof pants

• Waterproof hiking boot (Goretex)

• Dry shirts

• Medium fleece

• Trekking pants

• Slipper

• Socks for trekking

• Hat with ear protection

• Medium gloves

• Buff

• Sunglasses

• Sunscreen and lip balm

• Underwear

• Swimsuit

• Hygiene equipment

• Microfiber towel

• Headlamp (extra batteries)

• Switchblade

• Medicines and first aid

• Camera/charger

• Waterproof bag for documents

• Plastic bag for dirty clothes