New Zealand – South Island


Come to discover the country with the most spectacular nature on the planet in 20 days of pure adventure.

Located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean and divided into two islands, New Zealand is known for its tourism focused entirely on outdoor sports.

Departing from Christchurch, the capital of the south island, we will travel 2,000 km, visiting beaches, forests, glaciers, mountains (Mount Cook), fjords (Milford Sound), inside a state-of-the-art motorhome.

A memorable trip!



physical: moderate

technique: easy-moderate


Full mothorhome


Day 1: departure to Brazil for Christchurch and transfer to Kaikoura

Day 2: arrival in Christchurch and transfer to Kaikoura

Day 3: Peninsula Walkway trekking (4h)

Day 4: transfer from Kaikoura to Greymouth

Day 5: transfer from Greymouth to Franz Josef, trekking on the Franz Josef Glacier (3h)

Day 6: trekking at Fox Glacier (3h)

Day 7: transfer from Fox Glacier to Wanaka and trekking outlet (2h)

Day 8: Roy’s Peak trekking (7h)

Day 9: commute from Wanaka to Queenstown, city tour

Day 10: Macintosh trekking

Day 11: trekking at Mount Aspiring National Park

Day 12: transfer to Te Anau and Trekking Lake2Lake

Day 13: transfer to Milforsound

Day 14: Milfordsound navigation

Day 15: transfer to Queenstown, city tour

Day 16: transfer to Mount Cook

Day 17: Sealy Tarns trekking

Day 18: Hooker Valley trekking

Day 19: transfer to Christchurch, departure to Brazil

Day 20: arrival in Brazil

What is included?

• 24h guide with deep experience in outdoor adventures in remote areas

• Internal transport and motorhome

• Accommodation and all meals in the motorhome

• 2 Latitude 51 dry fit t-shirts

• Adventure and safety equipment

• GPS tracker with the daily transmission of the group’s geographical position to a family member indicated by the client

What is not included?

• Flights

• Adventure insurance (mandatory)

• Drinks

• Meals on arrival and departure from Christchurch

• Individual equipment

Individual equipments

• Documents (passport, credit card, travel insurance policy)

• 60-liter attack backpack for trekking

• Windbreaker / Anorak

• Waterproof pants

• Waterproof hiking boot (Goretex)

• Dry shirts

• Medium fleece

• Trekking pants

• Slipper

• Socks for trekking

• Hat with ear protection

• Medium gloves

• Buff

• Sunglasses

• Sunscreen and lip balm

• Underwear

• Swimsuit

• Hygiene equipment

• Microfiber towel

• Headlamp (extra batteries)

• Switchblade

• Medicines and first aid

• Camera/charger

• Waterproof bag for documents

• Plastic bag for dirty clothes