Croatia and Slovenia



It is a picturesque and beautiful country, with adventures from north to south, crossed by the Dinaric Alps, and with an immense and spectacular coastline. We will start at the Rinsjak National Park, close to Slovenia, and will go south, to continue trekking and climbing in the Paklenica and Plitvice National Parks. Then, we will visit the fantastic Croatian coast, bathed by the Adriatic Sea, where we will do kayaking in Dubrovnik.



Conversely proportional to its small size, this tiny country has a giant natural beauty. Leaving Croatia, we will cross Slovenia towards Lake Bled, where we will start our adventure. We will visit the Triglav National Park, where we will hike and do rafting on the famous Soča River. We will end the trip on a bike ride in Kobarid.



physical: moderate

technique: easy


Hotels and refuges for trekkers


Day 1: departure from Brazil to Venice with arrival until 12 noon and transfer to Rinsjak Nacional Park, Croatia

Day 2: trekking at Velik Rinksjak Peak

Day 3: transfer to Plitviča Jezera Nacional Park

Day 4: trekking in Plitviča Jezera Nacional Park and transfer to Starigrad

Day 5: climbing in Paklenica Nacional Park and trekking in Velik Paklenica, with overnight in the Ivancev Dom refuge

Day 6: continuation of trekking in Velik Paklenica and departure from the park, with transfer to Split

Day 7: transfer to Dubrovinik

Day 8: city tour in Dubrovinik and kayaking in the Adriatic Sea

Day 9: travel to Zagreb

Day 10: transfer to Lake Bled, Slovenia

Day 11: trekking at Lago Bled and transfer to Bovec

Day 12: trekking around Rio Soča

Day 13: rafting on the Soča River

Day 14: trekking on Mount Triglav with overnight stay at the refuge

Day 15: travel to Venice and departure to Brazil

Day 16: arrival in Brazil

What is included?

• 24h guide with deep experience in outdoor adventures in remote areas

• Tickets to parks and tours

• Internal transport

• Accommodation with breakfast

• 2 dry-fit Latitude 51 t-shirts

• Adventure and safety equipment

• Bike rental

• GPS tracker with the daily transmission of the group’s geographical position to a family member indicated by the client

What is not included?

• Flights

• Adventure insurance (mandatory)

• Drinks and other meals

• Individual equipment

Individual equipments

• Documents (passport, credit card, travel insurance policy)

• 30-liter attack backpack for trekking

• Windbreaker / Anorak

• Waterproof pants

• Waterproof hiking boot (Goretex)

• Dry shirts

• Medium fleece

• Trekking pants

• Slipper

• Socks for trekking

• Hat with ear protection

• Medium gloves

• Buff

• Sunglasses

• Sunscreen and lip balm

• Underwear

• Swimsuit

• Hygiene equipment

• Microfiber towel

• Headlamp (extra batteries)

• Switchblade

• Medicines and first aid

• Camera/charger

• Waterproof bag for documents

• Plastic bag for dirty clothes