Serra Fina


The crossing of the Serra Fina is famous among climbers. It is used with an objective to be achieved as a change of level for those who practice trekking, due to its level of difficulty. Located on the border between the states of São Paulo, Minas Gerais, and Rio de Janeiro, the view is exuberantly beautiful, which motivates us to follow the 30km walk considered difficult, with an altitude that reaches 2,798m at the summit of Pedra da Mina.



• physics: difficult

• technique: difficult


The climate in Serra da Mantiqueira is unstable. It is usually colder in the morning and at night, and warmer in the afternoon, as it is a higher region.

The best time is in the mountain season, from April to October, when the rains are practically scarce.


Day 1: arrival and overnight at Passa Quatro-MG

Day 2: 7km trail from Toca do Lobo to Alto do Capim Amarelo (2,570m)

Day 3: 6km trail and 640m altitude to the summit of Pedra da Mina (2,798m)

Day 4: 7 km trail to Pico dos Três Estados (2,665m), where the border of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais is located

Day 5: 10 km and 1,300m descent to Sítio do Pierre, with some sections of climbing and return to Passa Quatro-MG


The camping and kitchen equipment, and the groceries for meals, are shared in the backpacks of the members of the expedition.

The tents are set up in the evening, before dinner, and dismantled in the morning, after breakfast, with everyone’s involvement.

What is included?

• 1 hostel accommodation in Passa Quatro-MG and 3 nights in the camping during the crossing

• Parking lots for customers’ cars in Passa Quatro-MG

• Tents for camping and cooking equipment

• Dinners during the crossing

• Personal accident insurance

• 24-hour guide

• Latitude 51 dry-fit T-shirt

• GPS gift tracking

• Transfer to return to Passa Quatro-MG

What is not included?

• Breakfast and trail snacks

• Dinner on the day before crossing

• Transport to Passa Quatro-MG

• Individual equipment

Individual equipments

• Personal documents
• 60-liter cargo backpack for all equipment
• Flask 3 liters
• Waterproof Windbreaker / Anorak
• Trail boot
• Second skin
• Dryfit shirts
• Medium fleece
• Trekking pants
• Waterproof pants
• Slipper
• Socks for trekking
• Beanie
• Medium gloves
• Sunglasses
• Sunscreen and lip balm
• Hygiene material (take only the necessary amount in smaller containers)
• Quick-drying towel
• Headlamp (extra batteries)
• Plastic or watertight bag
• Personal medications
• Camping: sleeping bag and thermal insulation

• Medicines and first aid