Serra Catarinense


We offer different itineraries, in the most incredible and not really explored places in the fantastic Serra Catarinense.
In this natural cinematographic setting, the lowest temperatures in Brazil occur, completely changing the landscape with the precipitation of snow and the formation of frost and icicles.


The Serra has a rich and unique nature that deserves to be appreciated in a very special way by those who are passionate about adventures. And the most beautiful scenarios require a little more dedication to be contemplated, which makes the achievement even more motivating!


The landscapes will take your breath away and provide you with moments of peace that you will take for a lifetime.



• physical: moderate

• technique: easy


The climate in the Serra Catarinense is unstable. As it is a higher region, it is usually cooler in the morning and at night, and warmer in the afternoon.


Day 1: departure to Florianópolis arriving by 10 am and transfer to Bom Jardim da Serra

Day 2: transfer to Funil canyon and 15km trail

Day 3: 10km trail of Cânion das Laranjeiras and transfer to Bom Retiro

Day 4: 8km trail of Pedra Furada

Day 5: 16km trail of Soldados do Sebold

Day 6: 7km trail on Morro do Trombudo

Day 7: transfer to Florianópolis airport and return

What is included?

• Accommodation with breakfast
• Internal transfers (airport and trails)
• Park entrance tickets
• GPS tracker with daily location transmission
• Professional Brazilian guide with deep experience in trekking and outdoor activities in remote areas, throughout the
the route, and 24h available throughout the adventure
• Personal accident insurance
• Latitude 51 dry-fit and UV shirt

What is not included?

• Flights
• Trail snacks and dinners
• Individual equipment

Individual equipments

• Documents and personal medications
• Trekking boot
• Backpack attack 20 to 30 liters
• Windbreaker/Anorak/Parca (waterproof and breathable)
• Fleece
• Second skin (pants and blouse)
• Trekking pants
• Synthetic socks
• Long sleeve shirt
• Hat with ear protection
• Gloves
• 1.5-liter canteen
• Headlamp and extra batteries
• Switchblade
• Hygienic material
• Quick-drying towel
• Buff or bandana
• Crocs or slippers
• Sunglasses
• Sun and lip protection
• Plastic bag for dirty clothes
• Plastic garbage bag
• Waterproof bags