Morro do Couto


Morro do Couto is the eighth highest summit in Brazil. It is located in the Itatiaia National Park, created in 1937 by ex-president Getúlio Vargas. With 2,791m of height, it has an incredible and wonderful rock formation.


To reach the summit, almost 6km are covered mainly on a dirt track and we go climbing to reach the summit. It is suitable for beginner trekkers who want to experience greater exposure and height!



physical: easy-moderate

technique: moderate


The weather in Serra da Mantiqueira is unstable. It is usually colder in the morning and at night, and warmer in the afternoon, as a higher region.

The best time to go there is during the mountain season, from April to October, when the rains are practically rare.


To be worth the trip to Itamonte and enjoy the beautiful view of the park, we recommend at least two days around there:


Day 1: arrival and overnight in Itamonte-MG

Day 2: trail of approximately 6 km, starting at Posto Marcão (park entrance) and up to the summit. Return to the shelter after a brief snack and photos.

Day 3: reserved for the second attraction defined during the trip. Return from the park at the end of the afternoon.

What is included?

• Parking
• Internal transfers upon arrival at the accommodation (up to 8 customers)
• Tickets to the parks
• GPS tracker with the daily transmission of geographic positioning
• Adventure insurance
• LATITUDE51 dry fit and UV t-shirt
• Professional guide with deep experience in trekking and outdoor activities in remote areas, 24 hours available
• At the hostel: breakfast and access to the climbing gym
• At the hotel: breakfast, lunch/snack trail, and dinner

What is not included?

• At the hostel: other meals besides breakfast. There is an option of having dinner at the hostel but it is not included in the price of tris trip.

• At the hotel: drinks are not included
• Transport to the accommodation location
• Individual equipment

Individual equipments

• Personal documents
• 20-liter backpack
• 1-liter bottle
• Waterproof windbreaker / Anorak
• Trail boot
• Second skin
• Dryfit shirts
• Medium fleece
• Trekking pants
• Waterproof pants
• Slippers
• Socks for trekking
• Cap
• Medium gloves
• Sunglasses
• Sunscreen and lip balm
• Hygiene equipment
• Quick-drying towel
• Headlamp (extra batteries)
• Plastic or watertight bag
• Personal medications
• Medicines and first aid